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Case Study: Streamlining Marine Insurance Processes with DgNote

Customer Pain Point:

One of the top Importer and Exporter logistic company was facing challenges related to insuring their consignments.

Their current vendor wasn’t able to provide prompt approvals, which was causing significant delays in getting the policy issued. At times the policy used to take days when it was required in a matter of hours.

This was causing unnecessary stress and frustration. At the time of every new policy application, the client was never sure how long it would take for the policy to get issued.

There used to be many emails, phone calls and messages going back and forth for every policy.

And even then, the insurance cover was, at times, wasn’t suitable, for their particular needs. There was a clear need to get somebody who could make things easy, predictable, and more streamlined so that the importer-exporter was assured of policies on time with suitable coverage and by following streamlined, easy-to-follow process for all their branches across the country.

That is when they approached DgNote.

What We Were Able to Provide:

DgNote's marine insurance application process offered a solution to the customer's pain points by providing a smooth and efficient platform. The application interface was user-friendly, allowing the customer to select coverage options that best suited their requirements easily. Furthermore, DgNote's multiple offices facilitated seamless support for all of the customer's branch offices, ensuring consistent service across locations.

Key Benefits Experienced by the Customer:

Efficiency: DgNote's streamlined application process saves valuable time and resources, swiftly obtaining marine insurance coverage.

Tailored Coverage: DgNote offers a diverse range of options, allowing customers to select policies that precisely fit their needs.

Competitive Rates: DgNote secures industry-leading rates, providing cost-effective insurance solutions of the highest quality.

Excellent Customer Service: Praised for exceptional responsiveness, DgNote's customer service exceeds expectations, addressing inquiries and concerns promptly.


Based on their positive experience with DgNote, the customer has recommended the platform to other businesses needing marine insurance. They emphasize the ease of use of the application, the competitive rates offered, and the outstanding level of customer service provided by DgNote.

Overall, DgNote's efficient application process, diverse coverage options, competitive rates, and excellent customer service have successfully addressed the customer's pain points and provided them with a reliable solution for their marine insurance needs.




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