Case Study: DgNote's Lightning-Fast Policy Approval

Case Study: DgNote's Lightning-Fast Policy Approval

Customer Pain Point:

The customer pain point here is that a logistics company that transports electronics, such as iPhones, urgently needs insurance for a shipment worth over 100 Crores from China.

They need this coverage within a day because the iPhone 15 Pro is launching in the market in 15 days, and their traditional approval process usually takes much longer, up to 2 or 3 days.

This tight timeline puts the security of their shipment at risk because, without insurance, any damage or loss during transport could result in significant financial losses for the company.

In simpler terms, imagine a company that moves expensive gadgets like the iPhone 15 Pro from one place to another.

They need insurance quickly to protect their shipment, which is worth a lot of money. But the usual way of getting this insurance takes too long - days instead of hours. With the iPhone launch just around the corner, they're in a rush.

 If something goes wrong during transport without insurance, it could cost them a fortune.

What We Were Able to Provide:

DgNote's swiftly came to the rescue with a solution tailored to the client's urgent needs. Leveraging advanced technology and a dedicated team, DgNote revolutionized the approval process. Through rapid risk assessment, they ensured the security of the shipment while offering lightning-fast approval within just one day.

Key Benefits Experienced by the Customer:

Speedy Approval: DgNote's innovative approach allowed for insurance coverage approval within a single day, ensuring the client's shipment remained protected without delay.

Technology-Driven Efficiency: DgNote streamlined the approval process by harnessing technology, eliminating unnecessary delays, and expediting the entire procedure.

Tailored Risk Assessment: DgNote's dedicated team ensured thorough risk assessment, providing the client with peace of mind regarding the security of their high-value shipment.

Reliable Support: Throughout the process, DgNote's team provided unwavering support, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the client's urgent needs with professionalism and efficiency.


Based on the positive experience and recommendation from the customer, it is evident that DgNote's platform is highly regarded for marine insurance needs.

The ease of use of the application, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service offered by DgNote have resonated well with businesses.

Therefore, it is recommended that other businesses seeking marine insurance consider leveraging DgNote's platform. With its efficient application process, diverse coverage options, competitive rates, and commitment to outstanding customer service, DgNote provides a reliable solution that addresses the pain points of businesses in the logistics and shipping industry.


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