Review invoices, schedule document pick-up,
submit payments and receive e-delivery order instantly!


If you are a custom house agent, your team goes through the daily routine of manual and repetitive processes. With DgNote, get rid of those laborious, manual tasks and make consignment handling a lot easier. With our online tools, you can increase your productivity and make your day to day activities very simple!

Receive Delivery Order in 3 Easy Steps


Invoice and Payments

Receive invoice digitally and pay online


BL pick-up

Schedule BL pick-up and drop-off online


Delivery Orders

Receive delivery order digitally


  • Cloud Access 24/7 - no download required
  • Integrated with courier companies
  • Request and receive invoices online
  • Pay online with your bank of choice
  • Store and retrieve invoices, payment receipts, delivery orders in one place
  • Integrated with shipping line agents, consolidating agents & container freight stations